Prepare New SD Card For Raspberry Pi OS: Download NOOBS

Raspberry PiThis post is part of the series on preparing a new SD card to install a new Raspberry Pi operating system; this series is a sub-series of the Adventures with a Raspberry Pi.

You have two options for operating systems available directly from Raspberry Pi; NOOBS and Raspbian.

NOOBS is the New Out Of Box Software which contains several operating systems accessible via an easy to use launcher.

Raspbian is the full Raspberry Pi operating system.

I have opted to use NOOBS for my micro-SD card as it includes a recovery console (hold down the shift key during boot). Download NOOBS from the Raspberry Pi downloads page. Click the large NOOBS image:

NOOBS download page

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Is there a POP Historical Received Not Invoiced Report Available?

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve had a couple of people recently ask if it is possible to get a historical version of the Shipments Received but not invoiced* SmartList favourite (located under Purchasing » Receivings Line Items).

Within SmartList, this is not possible as the point-in-time calculations required for a historical report are too complex for a SmartList, even one driven by a view.

While historically this report wasn’t available in Microsoft Dynamics GP, this changed in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 release when a Reporting Services Report version of a Historical Received Not Invoiced Report was introduced. It seems though that many people are remain unaware of this new Historical RNI report.

As long as you have the Reporting Services Reports from the Reporting Tools Setup window deployed you can launch the report from the Purchasing series Reporting Services Reports navigation pane:

Historical Received Not Invoiced

This report allows you to enter criteria including a Date as of.