Building The Raspberry Pi: Enable SSH For Remote Access

Raspberry PiThis post is part of the series on building my new Raspberry Pi; this series is a sub-series of the Adventures with a Raspberry Pi.

By default the Raspbian Lite ships with SSH disabled; this means the PI can only be accessed with a monitor and keyboard connected.

However, enabling SSH is straightforward. Log into your Raspberry PI and type the following command to launch the Raspberry PI Configuration:

sudo raspi-config

Select Interfacing Options, scroll down and select SSH. Choose Yes to enable SSH and then click OK.

Choose Finish to close the configuration tool. The Raspberry Pi will now be available for SSH access.

Adventures With A Raspberry Pi

Implementing SalesHQ Portal: Using SalesHQ Portal

SalesHQ PortalThis post is part of a series on Implementing SalesHQ Portal, which is one of the GP Elementz Portals from my new employer, ISC Software Solutions.

Over the course of this series, I’ve taken a look at how SalesHQ is implemented. I thought it would be useful to do a post on actually using SalesHQ, but first a reminder that earlier in the series I did a post on What SalesHQ is and what functionality it contains.

I am going to look at Sales HQ from the perspective of a salesperson who has access to a US territory.

When you visit the SalesHQ portal, you will be presented with the login window; this uses the crdentials entered when the salesperson was created:

SalesHQ Login

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