Implementing Fastpath’s Audit Trail: Configuration

FastpathThis post is part of the series on Implementing Fastpath's Audit Trail and is part of the parent Implementing Fastpath's Assure Suite series.

With Fastpath Audit Trail installed, the configuration is done as part of the first run. Launch Audit Trail from the Windows start menu.

The Connect To Database window will open. Enter the full SQL Server instance name in the Server Name field; leave the Authentication method at SQL Server Authentication and enter the sa user and password. When you tab from the Password field the credentials will be used to connect and retrieve a list of databases.

Select the database to connect to and click Connect:

Connect To Database

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Implementing Fastpath’s Audit Trail: Installation

FastpathThis post is part of the series on Implementing Fastpath's Audit Trail and is part of the parent Implementing Fastpath's Assure Suite series.

With the software downloaded, the first element to install is Audit Trail. Extract the content of the downloaded zip file and run the ATSetup.exe:

Audit Trail setup utility

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Implementing Fastpath’s Audit Trail: Series Index

FastpathThis post is part of the series on Implementing Fastpath's Assure Suite and is also the series index for a sub series on implementing the Audit Trail component of Fastpath Assure.

Over the course of this sub-series I’m going to cover the installation and configuration of Audit Trail.

Implementing Fastpath’s Audit Trail
Implementing Fastpath's Audit Trail: Installation
Implementing Fastpath's Audit Trail: Configuration

This series index will, if you’re reading on azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant, automatically update, otherwise you’ll need to visit for the latest posts.

Implementing Fastpath’s Assure Suite: Download Assure Suite

FastpathThis post is part of the series on Implementing Fastpath's Assure Suite.

With access to the Fastpath Assure support portal, we can now download the software. Navigate from the home page by clicking Getting Started and Downloads.

Download page

To install fastpath Assure for Microsoft Dynamics GP, you need to download the following:

  • Azure Hybrid Connection Manager
  • Fastpath Active Directory Connector
  • Fastpath Audit Trail

Implementing Fastpath’s Assure Suite: Sign Into Support Portal

FastpathThis post is part of the series on Implementing Fastpath's Assure Suite.

As part of the pre-installation steps you need to complete a questionnaire. One of the results of this is that the designated administrator will receive an email giving them access to the Fastpath Assure support portal:

Fastpath Assure support portal

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Microsoft Dynamics GP February 2020 Hotfix Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPOn the 6th February Microsoft announced the release of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2020 Hotfix. This hotfix is for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, 2018 R2 or the October 2019 release , although any compliance related changes will roll into the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 mid-year update scheduled for release in June; there will be no more updates on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 so those still on that version should start planning their upgrade sooner than later.

This hotfix is KB4538329 which will increase the version number to 18.2.1060 with key changes being:

  • Stored procedure problems in GL and AA when using SQL Server 2019 are resolved.
  • Payables – The new feature Long Description field may cause check stub to print on two pages graphical and TXT formats fixed.
  • Letter Writing Assistant Collections Letters Second Notice for Collection letter for <> omits last invoice.
  • Encumbrance – Budget table GL00201 updating in the wrong direction when approving a Purchase Requisition with Encumbrance through Workflow.

Full details are here and it can be downloaded from PartnerSource lock or CustomerSource lock (login required).

Implementing Fastpath’s Assure Suite: Pre-installation steps

FastpathThis post is part of the series on Implementing Fastpath's Assure Suite.

When you place an order for the Fastpath Assure Suite, you are asked to complete a questionnaire; this is important to get correct as the details on this questionnaire will form the basis for both your registration key and how the Fastpath portal connects to your local system.

Once the questionnaire has been sent to Fastpath, they will create the necessary configuration on their side, including setting up the Fastpath portal; you will get both test and production portals created.

One of the details you’ll supply is the main administrator and how they will sign in (Microsoft Account or Fastpath account); along with your portal details you will also receive a log in to the support portal for the administrator.

Implementing Fastpath’s Assure Suite: What is Assure Suite?

FastpathThis post is part of the series on Implementing Fastpath's Assure Suite.

The Fastpath Assure Suite is a comprehensive security auditing tool for analysing segregation of duties, critical transactions and key access to systems. While it works with several systems, this series of posts is specifically looking at it working with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Fastpath developed the Assure suite of tools to simplify security and audit needs by streamlining segregation of duties analysis and user access reporting. If your company is having trouble reviewing user access, recognizing access conflicts, or tracking what users do with their access, the Fastpath Assure suite has solutions to help. Separated into modules to allow proper reporting, the suite includes templates to make security or audit reviews easy to understand, shareable, and with scheduling automation, built for repeatable success.

Access Reviews

The Access Review module pulls user access data from your business software, allowing you to review and sign-off on access by user, company, role, and data sensitivity.

Audit Trail

The Audit Trail module tracks changes made to your business software, including schema changes. Audit Trail allows you design templates that focus on high conflict areas of change, creating efficient and easy-to-read reports.

Segregation Of Duties (SoD)

The SoD module analyses access in your business software by user or role, down to the lowest security level, reporting any conflicts or risks associated with the access.

Identity Manager

The Identity Manager module allows user provisioning to be fast and secure. Using this tool allows business process owners to request access directly from approvers without the need for IT intervention, streamlining the provisioning process. It also allows you to assign temporary (or firefighter) access.

Implementing Fastpath’s Assure Suite: Who are Fastpath?

FastpathThis post is part of the series on Implementing Fastpath's Assure Suite.

Before getting to the main subject of the FastPath Assure Suite, I thought it might be useful to give an overview of the company who develops it.

That company is Fastpath which is the leading provider of security, audit and compliance solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as the Dynamics CRM and the other Microsoft ERPs (it is also where my co-author and fellow Dynamics GP blogger Mark Polino works).

Fastpath’s products aim to simplify compliance and improve security with tools to manage segregation of duties, track database changes and integrate Dynamics security with Active Directory for better user and password management (part of this latter element is covered by the Config AD product on which I blogged six years ago.

The main product is Fastpath Assure which is the main subject of this series. In the next post, I’ll describe in more detail what Fastpath Assure is and why there is a benefit to using it.

Implementing Fastpath’s Assure Suite: Series Index

FastpathThis series of posts is on the Fastpath Assure Suite of products from Fastpath. I’ve dealt with this product a few times, but have recently implemented it twice, I thought a series of posts would be useful.

Over the course of the series, I will cover the installation and configuration of the Assure Suite, but with a specific focus on use of the Audit Trails module; I will return to the series in future and cover the use of the other modules.

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