Notepad++ Find and Replace numbers in square brackets

Useful ApplicationsI was working with some text the other day which included a lot of references using numbers in square brackets; I needed to remove this text and wanted an easy way of doing it.

I did a little research and found that Notepad++, an application I already use, can do regular expression find and replace.

The regular expression for a number surrounded by square brackets is:


To use the regular expression in find and replace, enter the regular expression into the Find what box and change the Search Mode to Regular expression:

Regul;ar expression find and replace

When you hit Replace, or Replace All, the regular expression will be used to repalce the matching text with the supplied replacement value.

Record short training or demo videos

Useful ApplicationsAfter posting about a couple of useful websites, I thought I’d do a useful application. Flashback Express can be sued to record short training or demo videos. While it can be used to capture the webcam, I have been using it to record the screen and sounds; for one video I needed to record both myself and someone else speaking and Flashback Express easily allowed me to capture sound from both the microphone and speakers.

Videos are recorded in a native format, but can be both exported to WMV or MP4 as well as exported directly to a YouTube channel.

Flachback Express

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