Implementing Enhanced Notes: First Run

GP Elementz Enhanced NotesThis post is part of a series on Implementing Enhanced Notes from ISC Software Solutions.

Once Enhanced Notes has been installed, you need to start Microsoft Dynamics GP as an administrator as new code needs to be included:

New code inclusion message

As the client launches and you log into a company, you will be prompted with a dialog asking to complete the installation; click Yes to proceed:

Installation completion message

Installation of Enhanced Notes has not been completed in this company. Would you like to complete the installation now?

A second confirmation dialog will then display; click Yes to proceed:

Second installation message

You have a new product Enhanced Notes deployed to your client. Would you like to complete the installation of Enhanced Notes

Once the install is complete, click OK on the confirmation dialog:

Install is complete

The Enhanced Notes Setup window will automatically be displayed; if you are not the person who will be configuring the new module, close the window (I’ll cover this in the next post):

Enhanced Notes Setup window

Close the Complete Enhanced Notes Installation window:

Complete Enhanced Notes Installation window

You will need to log into each Dynamics GP Company to deploy the Enhanced Notes module to them.

You will need to launch all Microsoft Dynamics GP client using ,em>Run as Administrator to include new code, but the deployment in this post will only need to be done once per company.

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