azurecurve ClassicPress Plugins: Mobile Detection

ClassicPress PluginsThis is part of the azurecurve ClassicPress Plugins which introduces the plugins I have available for ClassicPress.

The plugin I am going to cover in this post, is an existing one which has been brought up to coding standards; Mobile Detection.


This plugin provides functions or shortcodes which can be used to output content only to certain devices (such as tablets, phones or nottablets).


Visit my demo site for a demo of this plugin.


The plugin can be downloaded via my Development site.

Create SmartConnect Journal – Standard Map: Configure Destination

eOne SolutionsThis post is part of a series on creating a Journal - Standard integration using SmartConnect from eOne Solutions; I recently posted a series on Implementing SmartConnect.

With the integration map heading created, the next step is to define the destination.

On the Map Setup window which will still be open from the previous post, click the down chevron button next to the Destination heading.

Set Destination Type to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

In the Settings section, there are two fields to define:

  1. Set Group to General Ledger.
  2. Set Node Type to Transactions.
Map Setup window showing Destination settings

Click the Companies button and select the company the integration is to be run against.

In the next post, I'll take a look at mapping of the distributions.