azurecurve ClassicPress Plugins: Multisite Favicon

ClassicPress PluginsThis is part of the azurecurve ClassicPress Plugins which introduces the plugins I have available for ClassicPress.

The plugin I am going to cover in this post, is an existing one which has been brought up to coding standards; Multisite Favicon.


By default the favicon of a site is the favicon.ico in the root folder of the web site. However, for a ClassicPress multisite this means that all sites in the multisite have the same favicon.

The Multisite Favicon plugin allows you to change this and assign every site a different favicon.


The plugin can be downloaded via my Development site.

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Create SmartConnect Journal – Standard Map: Configure Distributions

eOne SolutionsThis post is part of a series on creating a Journal – Standard integration using SmartConnect from eOne Solutions; I recently posted a series on Implementing SmartConnect.

With the Destination configuration started, the next step is to define the distribution field mapping.

Double click the Add distribution entry in the scrolling window at the bottom of the Map Setup window when the Destination section is selected:

Map Setup window showing Destination section is selected

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