Multiple Record Changes Volume Limitation for Power Automate in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralThis isn’t something which I have an issue with at the moment, but, when researching for something else, I came across a blog post which mentioned it and thought it was worth noting for future reference.

You can configure a trigger in Power Automate for the When a record is created action in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which will, as the name suggests, run when a record is changed.

However, if you update multiple records very quickly, such as when using a configuration package, the flow won’t be triggered as there is a design limitation of maximum 100 record changes per 30 seconds.

The blog post I found this discussed in was from Microsoft MVP, Stefano Demiliani, where he discusses the limitation and also proposes a solution of using Azure Queues, where an entry is added via JSON to the Azure Queue for each updated record; a Power Automate flow is set up to process when there are messages in the queue.

Stefano also notes that there is an annoucned change to the way Power Automate will hande record changes which will mitigate this issue in future releases.

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