Working with Power Automate Solutions: Exporting An Unmanaged Solution

Power AutomateThis article is part of the Working with Power Automate Solutions series and of the larger Working with Power Automate series I am writing on my experiences working with the Power Automate, which is part of the Power Platform from Microsoft. I also have a related series of articles on Power Automate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.

If you are developing a Power Automate solution and want to either move it to a new development environment or add it to a source control system, you can do this by exporting the solution as an unmanaged solution. Do this be navigating to the Solutions page, selecting the solution you want to export and click the Export solution button near the top of the page (ringed in red):

Solutions page with a solution selected and the button ringed

If you haven’t published your solution, you can do this on the Before you export pane which opened at the side of the screen; click the Publish button:

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