2023, A Year in Numbers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralI often write a lot of articles, with 2023 being very much a record year. Hopefully poeple find the articles I write useful, ad based on some comments I get they do which is very good to hear.

I’m always interested in the breakdown of areas I write about and regard some areas as my main ones; I am a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central functional consultant, so that is naturally my main area of writing; I have started working with Power Automate, mainly in relation to Business Central, and am regarding it as one of my new main areas, although I have only published a small number of posts in 2023; I develop plugins for ClassicPress to support what I do on this site, so do often write a fair bit about doing that; I was, before starting to work with Business Central, a Microsoft Dynamics GP specialist and have been dumping out my script library over last year as I thought it might be useful to those still working with that product.

I also write a few articles on a number of other subjects.

The articles I published in 2023 break down into my main four areas like this:

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