Centralising Dictionaries in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPFor as long as I’ve been working with Microsoft Dynamics GP, I’ve been setting clients up with centralised forms and reports dictionaries in order to simplify deployment. As long as you’re not using VBA which needs to be installed onto each client, centralising the forms and reports dictionaries means you can import and customisations omly once. If each client machine has its own local forms and reports dictionaries then you need to import onto every computer.

This week when I did this, I ran into problems getting the path working correctly. I’m sure I didn’t do anything differently than normal, but it didn’t work. It took me a few minutes to get sorted out, so I am posting the below path as a reminder than you can use a UNC path for accessing the remote dictionaries, but the slashes are backslashes instead:

//FILESERVER/Dynamics Central/Dictionaries/REPORTS.DIC

As long as you have a good network, centralising the forms and reports dictionaries is my recommendation to ensure that all clients have exactly the same customisations in use. You would not centralise the application dictionaries, just the ones for forms and reports.

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