ClassicPress Plugin Development: Rename First Sublevel Menu of a Custom Top Level Menu

ClassicPress PluginsThis post is part of the ClassicPress Plugin Development series in which I am going to look at both best practice for developing plugins and how I approach some requirements as well as some of the functions I commonly use.

In the last post I showed how to create a custom top level menu and mentioned it creted both the top level menu and a sublevel menu of the same name.

As the below example, extracted from my To Twitter plugin which adds a submenu to the existing azrcrv-tt menu with a name of Settings. As the first, $parent_slug, and fifth, $menu_slug parameters match the top level menu the add_submenu_page function renames the default first submenu entry:

add_action('admin_menu', 'azrcrv_tt_create_admin_menu');

 * Add to menu.
 * @since 1.0.0
function azrcrv_tt_create_admin_menu(){
				,__('Settings', 'to-twitter')
				,__('Settings', 'to-twitter')

To rename a custom top level menu on a network admin dashboard, change the admin_menu tag in the add_action function call to network_admin_menu.

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