Centralising OLE Notes

Microsoft Dynamics GPIt has become standard policy that whenever we install Microsoft Dynamics GP the OLE Notes directory is centralised; this means that any files which are added to record notes are available to all client machines. The problem I constantly have, is that I expect the setting to be in Microsoft Dynamics GP itself; stored somewhere like System or Company Settings and I end up spending a few minutes hunting around before I remember it’s not.

Instead it is stored in the Dex.ini file (located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2010\Data\). This means that the change must be made on all GP clients.

Open the ini file and find the [General] section. Find the line which, by default will contain;

OLEPath=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2010\Data\Notes\

and change it to the shared folder path you have setup (I’d recommend using the UNC path rather than a mapped drive to ensure all clients have access);

OLEPath=\\FILESERVER\Dynamics Central\GP\Data\Notes\

Save the file away and from this point onwards, whenever an OLE object is added all GP clients will have access to it.

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