Slow Login Into One Microsoft Dynamics GP Company

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’m working on a few projects for a client at the moment and became aware that logging into their main company was taking almost a minute. Most of the work had been in subsidiaries at the start of the projects, but we’ve moved into the main company now. The subsidiaries are quite quick to log into, say 10 seconds, but the main company was over a minute.

It didn’t matter if this was logging into Dynamics GP itself or just switching between companies. Everything else was running normally (entering or posting transactions and running reports), but as I investigated I found that the problem was specifically related to the loading of the Dynamics GP home page and it was only affecting out user account (I confirmed with the client that they were not seeing speed problems when loading the home page).

The problem turned out to be very prosaic; there were a number of SmartList reminders setup for sales and inventory which were all running before the home page displayed. The main company is where most of the inventory is processed so these reminders are checking large numbers of items and related transactions; removing these favourites from our user restored the quickness of the home age in the main company.

Being able to use SmartList favourites as reminders is good, but if there are a few of them on large datasets, then they can have an impact on performance. As it was just our user account, I was able to remove the reminders without impact; I think they had been added when showing users how to add reminders. If this speed was affecting a user, I would look to see if the reminders could be removed and, if not, create some SmartList Builder (if they have it, otherwise SmartList Designer) which only select the relevant subset of data (such as by selecting only from the work table and not the history table).