Custom Refreshable Excel Reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP navigation lists

Microsoft Dynamics GPMark Polino highlighted a post on Getting Custom with Excel Refreshable Reports on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog.

I’ve made a lot of use for clients on refreshable Excel reports and have made them available in the navigation list for clients (more recently, I’ve used that to make Jet Reports accessible in the same way):

Custom refreshable Excel reports in the navigation lists

I wasn’t aware this was problematic, but Béat Bucher posted a question in response to the Microsoft article saying that he couldn’t get custom reports to display, and the Microsoft author of the article agreed it didn’t work and would look into it. I’ve pretty sure I’ve used this for years without knowing there was a problem.

The deployment paths for the standard and custom reports on my demo environment are:

Reporting Tools Setup

From the specified folder onward, the path structure needs to include the database name and series. This means my standard report path for Purchasing series reports of:

\\demo-gp\Dynamics Central\Reports\Excel Reports\Reports\TWO\Purchasing

For custom refreshable Excel reports becomes:

\\demo-gp\Dynamics Central\Reports\User Reports\Reports\TWO\Purchasing

Any report added to this folder will be visible in the purchasing navigation list. Reports for other series would have a similar folder structure created.

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