Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow Navigation Lists Not Working Correctly After Upgrading

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve been involved with a number of upgrade projects recently where we were both upgrading the client to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, but also introducing some new functionality such as workflow for approvals.

Quite a few of these clients are long time users of Dynamics GP who started on version 9 or before. This means that in most cases, when introducing workflow, we find that the Not Submitted and Pending Approval navigation lists don’t work. By this, I mean they do not display any data.

This issue was covered back in 2017 by Derek Albaugh on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog.

The blog post includes scripts to clear down the List View Master (SY07220) and List View Filters (SY07230) tables whether you have custom navigation lists or not. These tables are like the Menu Master (SY07110) table which repopulate when you log back into Dynamics GP.

For most of the clients we have found that even if there are custom navigation lists, we need to delete the contents of the two tables and recreate the customisations rather than removing only the defaults, as Dynamics GP crashes whenever we tried to access a navigation list after removing the defaults.