Microsoft Dynamics GP 2021 Mid-Year Update Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe 2021 Mid-Year update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and Fall 2020 (18.3) has been released. Full details of the release and download links are available on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog.

The key piece of new functionality is support for Group VAT functionality in the VAT 100 window in the 18.3 release (this new functionality has not been rolled back to Dynamics GP 2016).

The below fixes have been made to the Fall 2020 Release only ones noted with GP 2016 have been rolled back to that version):

  • MFA: GP calls MSGraphSignOut of form syEmailObj after every completed e-mail operation.
  • All Workflow escalation email notifications are not being sent as expected when a workflow is escalated.
  • Workflow Approval Email notification being sent instead of Final Approval Email when the step after it does not require approval.
  • A User is not able to receive more than two attachments in E-mail when MFA is enabled.
  • When assigning a Workflow Manager in a multi-domain environment, users from Domain B are unable to save a manager.
  • Failed logins are not properly tracked when using Activity Tracking in Dynamics GP.
  • All 1099 amounts (including less than minimums) print on 1099 incorrectly if any box in 1099 details meets a minimum required value (Fixed on GP 2016).
  • The 1099 NEC needs to work with Project Accounting employee expense and default into the entry window. (Fixed on GP 2016).
  • Remove Multi Currency Fully applied documents from PM HATB (Feature from Fall 2020 resolved).
  • Transfer pricing is not applied when you transfer from a contract to a quote.
  • You may receive an error Get/change operation on table ‘Batch Header’ when two users use the Sales Document look up.
  • You may notice a focus issue on the Purchase Order Entry window with Manufacturing installed and you enter 2 lines to link.
  • You may receive an error message ‘the budget does not exist for this Purchase Order, when you receive against a Project Accounting PO that was has multiple Projects.
  • When you approve Project Timesheets, you may see an error message The formal parameter @emailtemptable was not declared as an OUTPUT parameter.
  • Payables Copy and Paste feature does not work when MC (multi-currency) is not registered.
  • Human Resource VET 4212 report overstates the count if more than one VET box is marked on employee maintenance window.
  • Benefit Self Service Administer View does not recognize the Archive Flag when determining enrollment.
  • Payroll integration to Payables remit to address maybe incorrect when you post to payables.
  • VAT 100 Window Display issue after you install the January 2021.
  • Analytical Accounting CheckLinks updates the aaGLDistID and aaBrowseType incorrectly.
  • Protocol change for Australian ABN look up (Fixed on GP 2016).

lightbulb Important note regarding Dynamics GP 2016

Microsoft have announced that this will be the last update for Dynamics GP 2016; you will not receive a year end update for this version. If you are using Dynamics GP 2016, it is recommended that you start planning to upgrade to the 18.3 release or 18.4 release due in Fall 2021.

The announcement post on the available on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog has more details including download links for other languages, or you can download the English language hotfixes using the direct links below (logon to CustomerSource required):