New Functionality In Microsoft Power Automate 2023 Wave 2: Use Power Automate Cloud Flows Designer with Copilot

Power AutomateThis post is part of the New Functionality In Microsoft Power Automate 2023 Wave 2 series in which I am taking a look at the new functionality introduced in Microsoft Power Automate 2023 Wave 2.

The 1st of the new functionality in the Copilot for Power Automate section is use Power Automate cloud flows designer with Copilot.

Easily get started building new cloud flows by describing them in natural language. This feature supports additional actions, connectors, geo-availability, parameter filling, and explainability to make the experience even easier.

Enabled for: Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically
Public Preview: –
General Availability: Oct 8, 2023

Feature Details

Using state-of-the-art AI models like Azure OpenAI, Power Automate can take natural language as input to create flows. You can use natural everyday language to describe the cloud flow that you want, and then Power Automate creates it based on your written description of the scenario to automate.

This feature makes it easier for you to build different types of automation faster, allowing a broader population of business users to use Power Automate in a truly no-code experience.

Microsoft have added several new enhancements:

  • Support for more connectors and actions. Power Automate understands natural language input to build flows that include Dataverse, approvals, and Power Apps.
  • Availability in the European Union region and Government Community Cloud.
  • Automatic flow parameter filling: Once you create a flow by using natural language, the flow includes the individual actions and the parameters in the action cards.
  • Explainability to understand how your description of the flow translates to the different flow actions with suggested improvements.

note Note

Copilot is available worldwide across all geos. While some regions/countries have it on by default based on their GPU availability, admins in other regions have to opt-in from Power Platform admin center that they want to enable Copilot based on the understanding that their data can flow cross geos.

My Opinion

I’ve not had the opportunity to use any of the copilots yet and have to admit that I am sceptical of the quality of the flows which it designs. I need to see if I can get a bit hands on with this function sooner than later.

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