New Functionality In Microsoft Power Automate 2023 Wave 2: Series Index

Power AutomateThis post is part of a series on the new functionality announced for Wave 2 of Microsoft Power Automate 2023. There are two release waves for Power Automate each year, with functionality being released over the six months of the wave.

In this series of posts, I am going to take a look at what is new with Power Automate in this release wave. My understanding is the announced new functionality will become available in the six months of the wave, so not all of it will be available immediately. When posting about some new functionality, I’ll try to indicate where something will be available in October or later. Microsoft do reserve the right to withdraw announced functionality before release; when this happens, I’ll try to publish an article on the removed functionality and update the original article I published to state it has been removed from that release wave.

This series index, below (assuming you’re reading this on ), will automatically update as each post in the series goes live, so make sure you bookmark this post so you can see keep up-to-date with this series.

New Functionality In Microsoft Power Automate 2023 Wave 2
Monitor Performance for Cloud and Desktop Flow Activities
Store Cloud Flow Execution History in Microsoft Dataverse
Use OAuth Support for HTTP Request Triggers
Use the New Cloud Flows Designer with Copilot
Make Changes in Draft Mode for Solution Cloud Flows
Use Versioning for Solution Cloud Flows
Manage Unpublished Solution-aware Cloud Flows Using Admin APIs
Use Copilot with French language
Channel Entry Point for Teams Workflows
Use Your Own Encryption Key for Encrypting Data at-rest for Existing Environments
Run a Cloud Flow for More Than 30 Days per Invocation
Manage Abandoned Cloud Flows
Use Power Automate Cloud Flows Designer with Copilot
Create Desktop Flows Using Natural Language with Copilot
Modify Desktop Flows Using Natural Language with Copilot
UI Automation – Simulate Actions
Power Automate for Desktop Displays Dynamic Messages in the Home Screen
Inspect a UI Element
Use SAP-dedicated Actions in Desktop Flows
Support Scalar Type Variables when Invoking from Protocol Handler in Power Automate for Desktop
Connect Your Own Virtual Network with Hosted Machine Group
Edit Variable Values During Debugging

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