Re-order Extensions on the Vivaldi Toolbar

Vivaldi BrowserI use Vivaldi as my main browser on desktop PC, tablet and mobile phone. I typically install the same extensions on each of them (excluding mobile which I don’t think supports extensions), but have sometimes installed them in a different order which means they end up in a different order on the toolbar (I regularly use about four computers and one tablet).

I have Google Translate installed on all of them as I listen to a lot of German music and my German is still rudimentary, although I am actively learning.

I prefer Google Translate to show up in the left-most position, but it is only there if I install it first.

Extensions can be reordered:

  • On a touchscreen tablet you need to press and hold and then drag to the new position.
  • On a traditional desktop a lot of online resources say to hold shift down and drag and drop, but this does not work; you actually need to hold down the control key while you drag and drop.

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1 thought on “Re-order Extensions on the Vivaldi Toolbar

  1. KeKyKo says:

    This does not work for me. I use Vivaldi Browser. I must press the “Ctrl” & “Fn” keys at the same time then click and hold the extension icon I want, then move to desired new location. I hope this helps anyone. Took me awhile to figure this out. I think this is Browser specific.

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