Vivaldi browser releases V3

Vivaldi BrowserMany years ago I discovered the Opera browser and found it was much better than the other browsers around. Leading edge it usually had features in advance of other browsers and I especially liked the speed dial (a landing page you could add your favourites to for quick access).

Unfortunately, the last version of Opera using their own engine was version 12 released in 2012 and killed in 2013 when they switched to Chromium; in this swtch they removed almost all functionality, including bookmarks! Gradually through time, they re-introduced these features as they hemorrhaged users with me being one of them.

I made the switch to Vivaldi while it was still in beta and have nejoyed using it ever since. Founded by one of the original founders of Opera, it follows a similar approach to flexibility and features of Opera 12.

Vivaldi has, today, reached version 3 which includes a built-in tracker- and ad-blocker in both the desktop and Android versions:

Vivaldi browser version 3 released

Once I’m out and about again, I look forward to giving both of these a try (especially the Android version), but that may have to wait a while.

Full details of the new release are here.

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