Using No-IP For External Access With a Dynamics IP Address: Creating An Account

Useful ApplicationsThis post is part of the short series on using Using No-IP For External Access With a Dynamics IP Address.

Signing up to No-IP for a free account is nice and easy to do. Using the browser of your choice, navigate to, enter the hostname you want and select the domain from the list of free ones and click the green ,em>Sign Up button:

Sign Up

Enter your Email, Password and check the selected hostname. Accept the Terms of Serice and Privacy Policy and click grey Free Sign up button (the green button on this step will take you to a paid for account:

Create Your No-IP Account page

You’ll see a confirm your account page notifying you that a confirmation email will be sent:

Confirm Your account

When you receive the email click the green Confirm Account button after which you’ll see a page confirming your account is active:

Your account is now active!

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