Implementing Post Master Enterprise: Extending Post Master Enterprise

Envisage Software SolutionsThis post is part of the series on Implementing Post Master Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics GP from Envisage Software.

The Audot-Detect rules covered in the last post are sufficient for those cases when workflow is not being used or when the auto-detect rule can be configured using the Batch Number. I've worked with a few clients to implement Post Master Enterprise now and there usually comes a point when the in-built rules are not sufficient.

However, Post Master Enterprise can be extended to allow more complex auto-detect rules including selecting only batches approved in workflow (as a side note, I've discussed this with Envisage and for workflow batches they are looking at including this as a standard feature in the Auto-Detect window). Post Master Enterprise has been developed to call pro and post SQL stored procedures which can be used to insert batches in the pending table.

The pre/post stored procedures are deployed by Post Master Enterprise during the installation, but don't include any functionality. The first time we did this, Envisage supplied some standard code to submit a batch into the pending tables and I extended that with my SQL function to return Workflow Status to pick up only those batches at a status of Final Approval.

This approach could be taken to select batches based on any criteria (such as user who posted, posting date or even specific GL accounts).