Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 Web Client Scale-Out Deployment: Creating Required Service Accounts

Microsoft Dynamics GPDepending on your selected options when installing the Microsoft Dynamics GP web client, there are between three and four service accounts required.

The three which are always required are:

  1. Web Application User
  2. Session Service
  3. Session Central Service

The one which is optional dependent on installation options is:

  1. Management Console Application User

This last is only required if the Management COnsole is installed to a different web site to the web client.

To create the service accounts, you need to be logged onto the Domain Control (in my case DC1 which is running Windows Server 2008 R2) and open Active Directory Users and Computers.

Click the New User button on the toolbar.

Enter the Firest Name, Last Name and User logon name; the Full name and User logon name (pre-WIndows 2000) will default.

I typically name my service accounts in such a way that I can group them together. So in this example the service name is in thee segments:

  1. First segment set to srvc to signify that this is a service account
  2. Second segment to group together related service accounts so I have used gpwc to signify this account is a GP Web Client one
  3. Third segment which is the name of the service; in this example scs for Session Central Service

When you’re happy with your entries click Next:

New Object - User

Supply and confirm the password, unmark the User must change password at next logon and mark User cannot change password and Password never expires and click Next:

New Object - User

Confirm your entries and click Finish to create the account:

New Object - User

The highlighted accounts are the ones I have created to use during this series of posts, although I hve since decided to deploy the Management Console to the same website as the Web Client:

Active Directory Users and Computers

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