Hands On With the GP Power Tools – Administrator Tools: Resource Information Introduction

Winthrop DCThis post is part of the Hands On With the GP Power Tools (GPPT) – Administrator Tools series in which I am taking a hands on look at the various tools offered by GPPT.

The Resource Information window (GP Power Tools area page >> Reports >> Resource Information) can best be described as a souped up version of the standard Microsoft Dynamics GP Resource Descriptions windows (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Resource Descriptions).

The Resource Information window will display technical, display, and physical names and resource IDs for any dictionary currently installed in the Microsoft Dynamics GP application. It includes information for any:

  • Form
  • Window
  • Field
  • Table
  • Table group
  • Report
  • Script (procedure or function, global or form level)

It can also provide information about non-dictionary resource Security Objects, such as Customization Tools, Document Access, Letters, Microsoft Dynamics GP Import, Navigation Lists, Series Posting Permissions, and SmartList Objects.

If the eOne SmartList Builder and Extender products are installed, the SmartList Builder Permissions and Extender Resources are supported; security objects from other 3rd party products will show as Unknown Objects.