Copy Posting Report Configuration Between Companies

Microsoft Dynamics GPI wrote the first version of this script a long time ago, but recently had cause to return to it. A client I am working with has configured the posting reports in one company and wanted to copy the same configuration to the other companies.

This script allows you to do this, on a one by one basis. Set the first highlighted parameter to the source company, and the second to the destination company.

Created by Ian Grieve of azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant (
This code is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Int).
DECLARE @SourceCompany VARCHAR(5) = 'T16R2'
DECLARE @DestinationCompany VARCHAR(5) = 'P16R2'

SET @SQLStatement = 'UPDATE
				['Destination Posting Journal Destinations']
				PRNTJRNL = ['Source Posting Journal Destinations'].PRNTJRNL
				,ASECTMNT = ['Source Posting Journal Destinations'].ASECTMNT
				,PRTOPRNT = ['Source Posting Journal Destinations'].PRTOPRNT
				,PRTOFLNT = ['Source Posting Journal Destinations'].PRTOFLNT
				' + @DestinationCompany + '.dbo.SY02200 AS ['Destination Posting Journal Destinations']
				' + @SourceCompany + '.dbo.SY02200 AS ['Source Posting Journal Destinations'] ON ['Source Posting Journal Destinations'].SERIES = ['Destination Posting Journal Destinations'].SERIES
					AND ['Source Posting Journal Destinations'].TRXSOURC = ['Destination Posting Journal Destinations'].TRXSOURC
					AND ['Source Posting Journal Destinations'].PTGRPTNM = ['Destination Posting Journal Destinations'].PTGRPTNM'
EXEC (@SQLStatement)

As always with an SQL script, please make sure you have a good backup before running it.