Copy Workflow Doesn’t Copy Notification Settings

Microsoft Dynamics GPI made a discovery the other day about the Copy Workflow functionality in Workflow Maintenance (Administration area page >> Setup >> Company >> Workflow >> Workflow Maintenance). I have been working with a client to create a new Purchase Order Processing workflow. After the client did UAT on a test system, we needed to transfer the workflow to the live system.

We did this by copying the Workflow from the test company to the live one using the Coopy functionality. After the copy, users did a little testing on live and found that originators were not receiving notifications, but users were receiving the task assignment emails.

This was not the first email issues we had encountered during the project, but turned out to be the simplest to resolve (although it took longer than it should to identify).

To correct the issue, open the Workflow and click the expansion arrow next to the Send notifications for completed actions checkbox and remark the checkboxes for the notifications which should be sent:

Workflow Email Notification Maintenance