How To Configure Management Reporter For Use

Microsoft Dynamics GPOver the last few posts I’ve covered installing the Management Reporter prerequisites, server and clients; now it’s time to configure Management Reporter for use.

When Management Reporter is started the Companies window will be displayed with no companies created. The first task is to create one by hitting New;


Enter the company name and give it a description. I’m starting off by creating a company for the Fabrikam, Ltd. demo company using the Source System of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Once this information has been entered, click the Settings button;

New Company

The settings pages are displayed using Internet Explorer so with default settings you’ll see the following dialog informing you that content is being blocked;

Internet Explorer - Content within this application comng from the website listed below is being blocked by Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration.

Click the Add button and then click Add again to add the server to the Trusted sites list;

Trusted sites

Fill in the SQL Server name, User ID and Password for the server you installed Management Reporter server on;

Company Wizard - Microsoft Dynamics GP - GP Connection

Typically at this point I hit Test Connection to make sure the settings are right;

Company Wizard - Microsoft Dynamics GP - GP Connection

Once the connection settings have been verified, click the Load Databases button and select the System database (until GP “12” this will always be DYNAMICS; GP “12” introduces multi-tenancy architecture and the ability to name the System database);

Company Wizard - Microsoft Dynamics GP - GP Connection

Company Wizard - Microsoft Dynamics GP - Company Selection

On the Additional Settings page, select the dimensions which should be included in the account structure and select the relvant Analytical Accounting option;

Company Wizard - Microsoft Dynamics GP - Additional Settings

Check your selected options on the Summary page then click Finish;

Company Wizard - Microsoft Dynamics GP - Summary

This will bring you back to the New Company window where you can select the building block group, regional options, and period information;

New Company

Because this company is the Microsoft Fabrikam, Ltd. company I changed the regional options to United States, US Dollar $;

New Company

Click okay and return back to the Companies form which will list the available companies;


At this point you can create a company in Managemewnt Reporter for each of the companies you have configured in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Once you have the companies you require select one of them and click the Set As Default button and enter your username and password;

Connect to Fabrikam, Ltd.

Clicking okay will show the Companies form with the newly set default company with a tick next to it;


Click close and you’ll be presented with the Management Reporter Welcome screen where you can choose what you want to do next;


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