How To Install Management Reporter 2012 – Server Prerequisites

Microsoft Dynamics GPWith the release of Management Reporter 2012 I thought it might be worth doing a series of posts on how to install this version.

The server configuration I am using is four separate servers, all running Windows Server 2008 R2, but could easily be installed on one machine, or virtual machine, for use as a test system;

  • Domain Controller (DC1) running the
  • SQL Server (SQL1)
  • Reporting Server (RPT1)
  • Terminal Server (TS1)

All of the installation of Management Reporter server, and the server prerequisites, will be done logged into the Reporting Server (RPT1); the client and initial configuration will be done on the Terminal Server (TS1).

The prerequisites for MR 2012 are very similar to those of Management Reporter 2 which were covered hereThe prerequisites of Management Reporter 2012 differ from Management Reporter 2 in that only the .NET Framework 4 is common between the two versions. The addition that MR 2012 requires is the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable to be installed.

The above download link has both the x64 and x86 so make sure you download the one applicable to your host operating system; in my case I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 so have downloaded the x64 version. Once you’ve downloaded the file start the installer;

Microsoft Access database engine 2010 (English) Setup

As with most applications these days agree to the End-User License Agreement;

Microsoft Access database engine 2010 (English) Setup - End-User License Agreement

Confirm the install path;

Microsoft Access database engine 2010 (English) Setup - Install Location

And wait for the installation to complete;

Microsoft Access database engine 2010 (English) Setup - Setup Completed Successfully

Once you have installed the Microsoft Access database engine 2010 and the Application Server roles as specified in my previous post on Management Reporter 2, you’re ready to install Management Reporter 2012 server itself; this will be covered in the next blog post.

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14 thoughts on “How To Install Management Reporter 2012 – Server Prerequisites

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  4. Comment says:

    Thanks for the quick post on installing MR 2012. I’ve followed and used your guides that you posted for Management Reporter SP2. I do have a question about migrations from FRx if you don’t mind. Microsoft chose not to include the FRx Migration Wizard for Management Reporter 2012, and that MR SP2 would need used in order to migrate from FRx. Unfortunately, unless I’m missing something for FRx migrations, this means we need to deploy IIS and the IIS prerequisites (WCF Activation, etc) to install MR SP1, upgrade to MR SP2, install Migration Wizard from MR SP2 installation media, run the Migration Wizard. Assuming everything migrates properly, upgrade MR SP2 to MR 2012. We could then uninstall IIS (unless IIS is being used for other purposes) as MR2012 no longer requires IIS. I feel like I must be missing something or there must be an easier way of going about FRx migrations as that’s a lot of hoops to jump through for FRx migrations. I was excited to hear about MR 2012, but very disappointed that there’s no migration path directly from FRx to MR.

  5. Comment says:

    Hi Lance,

    I hadn’t looked at FRx migrations in Mr2012 but you raise a good point which is confirmed by Jan Harrigan over at FRXBuzz that you need to migrate to MR2 before upgrading to MR2012.


  6. Comment says:

    The fun part of the above migration steps are that if the migration is determined to be faulty after already arriving at MR 2012 (maybe there were some old FRx reports that should’ve been deleted prior to migration), you’d have to uninstall MR 2012, and start over… I think. I hope there’s an FRx migration wizard for MR 2012 coming or that I’m just missing something here.

    1. Comment says:

      I think when I do this I’ll be looking at doing the FRx migration within a virtual machine which would give more possibilities for undoing missteps by reverting to a snapshot. And to avoid having IIS and the like installed where they’re not wanted.

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  9. Comment says:

    I have installed the MR server and client .. services running .. and the data mart is configured however its status still Initial integration has not stated yet .. and when I run any report it retrieve non data ..

  10. Comment says:

    [AX 2012 General Ledger Transactions to Fact] has encountered an error. Processing will be aborted. Error text: Invalid column name ‘SUBLEDGERVOUCHER’.

    this is from Datamart Log ???

    1. Comment says:

      Hi Hathout,

      I’ve afraid I’ve only ever dealt with MR in relation to Dynamics GP.

    2. Comment says:

      AX 2012 General Ledger Transactions to Fact] has encountered an error. Processing will be aborted. Error text: Invalid column name ‘SUBLEDGERVOUCHER’

      Hi Did you get any results for this error. I am having the same issues. Any suggestions appreciated

      1. Comment says:

        Same issue here too, has anyone solved it?

        Data mart integration:
        AX 2012 General Ledger Transactions to Fact] has encountered an error. Processing will be aborted. Error text: Invalid column name ‘SUBLEDGERVOUCHER’.
        Invalid column name ‘SUBLEDGERVOUCHER’.

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