How To Install Management Reporter – Client

Microsoft Dynamics GPAt the end of last week, I posted the first two parts in a series of posts on how to install Management Reporter; how to install Management Reporter - Prerequisites and how to install Management Reporter - Server.

Today I'll give a run through of the Management Reporter client installation. To install the client, the same installation packages used to install the server, Microsoft Dynamics Management Reporter SP1 (Full Install) and Management Reporter Service Pack 2 October Update (PartnerSource or CustomerSource login required), are used.

The server configuration I am using is four separate servers, all running Windows Server 2008 R2, but could easily be installed on one machine, or virtual machine, for use as a test system;

  • Domain Controller (DC1) running the ideal domain (a slight departure from my usual azurecurve) on
  • SQL Server (SQL1)
  • Reporting Server (RPT1)
  • Terminal Server (TS1)

The client installation is being performed on the Terminal Server (TS1). To start the installation, run the SP1 respun setup routine and select Management Reporter Client.

If the .NET Framework is not installed you'll see the following dialog prompting to install it;

Management Reporter Setup

The installer will download the files from the internet. However, if, like me, you're running on a closed test system without an Internet connection the standalone .NET Framework 4 installer can be downloaded here (I subsequently copied it onto the test system from a USB pen drive).

Once the .NET Framework 4 has been installed (or if it was already present) restart the Management Reporter SP1 respun setup and select Management Reporter Client;

Management Reporter Setup

Accept the License Agreement;

Management Reporter Setup - Microsoft Software License Terms

Specify a destination folder where Management Reporter should be installed or accept the default;

Management Reporter Setup - Specify Destination Folder

Specify the Management Reporter Server connection. In this example I installed Management Reporter on the RPT1 server using port 4712 so the server connection is set to http://RPT1:4712;

Management Reporter Setup - Specify Server Connection

Confirm the installation;

Management Reporter Setup - Ready to Install Management Reporter

Once installation is complete we can progress to installing Service Pack 2;

Management Reporter Setup - Completed Management Reporter Setup

Run the service pack 2 installer and select Management Reporter Client;

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamuics ERP Setup

Confirm the service pack should be installed;

Management Reporter Setup - Install Management Reporter Update

Once the installation completes, you'll see the confirmation screen;

Management Reporter Setup - Completed Management Reporter setup

Next week will be a post covering the initial configuration of Management Reporter followed by one on the Migration Wizard.

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