Earlier Version of Dynamics.dic Than Installed

Microsoft Dynamics GPI did a test upgrade for a client recently (yes, I’ve been doing a few of these) so they could make sure everything still works and allow them to check out some of the new features.

I got this error message forwarded to me by one of the clients after he tried to login to do some testing;

You are using an earlier version of Dynamics.dic than the one that

My first thought, before the mental flywheel had spun up to speed, was that the ODBC had been amended to look at the current live GP 10 system instead of the GP 2010 test system, but if this was the case then the Dynamics.dic would have been a later one rather than a new one and would have prompted to run GP Utilities to update the database.

Out of interest I got the client to screenshot the login form and send it over;

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10

Problem resolved; the screenshot showed it was Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 that was being launched against the GP 2010 database.

In this instance, we installed the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 client on the test Citrix server, which was also used as the client for the test company on the live SQL server and that was still a Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 installation. Both GP clients were on the one server and the client had accidentally selected the wrong one and changed the ODBC to the GP 2010 entry.

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