Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Extended Support Lifecycle Ending on 10th October 2017

Microsoft Dynamics GPA few days ago Derek Albaugh posted to the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog about the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog end of lifecycle for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10. This is a version launched way back in 2007 and is eight major versions behind the current release.

Mainstream Support ended in 2012, so this is the end of Extended Support.

To be clear what this means, Mainstream Support means no design changes or feature requests or year-end or tax updates; the end of Extended Support means that there is no longer any paid support (per-incident, per hour or other) for this version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Continuing to run Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 means you are running a non-supported version of your ERP system; this is a major business risk so I, as well as Microsoft, would very strongly recommend planning your upgrade to a supported version.

I posted a link to details of lifecycles for other versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP here.

Enter/Match Invoice – “You must close the Select Purchase Order Items window before continuing.”

Microsoft Dynamics GPI had an oddity reported by a client just after an upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 to Dynamics GP 2013 R2. After opening Enter/Match Invoice, entering the header information and clicking Auto-Invoice they received the following error:

Microsoft Dynamics GP - You must close the Select Purchase Order Items window before continuing.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

You must close the Select Purchase Order Items window before continuing.

I connected to their system and attempted to reproduce the error. My first few attempts failed and everything worked as expected. However, the problem did finally occur and I was able to see the problem happen a few times although it took a few minutes for me to realise the pattern.

The error message appeared when the cursor was in the lines scrolling window; if the cursor was still in a header field the error was not produced.

I have tested this on some of my test systems and the error appears to have been introduced between Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 and Dynamics GP 2013 R2.

The workaround is to make sure the cursor is not within the lines of the scrolling window and this message won’t appear.

Blast From The Past: Conditional Company Logos

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis post is a bit of a “blast from the past” which I am posting as it seemed quite hard to find and you never know when I’ll need it again.

A client on Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 (we’re talking to them now about an upgrade to GP 2015) is in the process of setting up a new company and needs to be printing out a few of reports (SI, SR, PO and Remittance) with different logos for the new company.

If you’re a new GP user you’re probably used to the Word Templates which have the logo supplied from the library in Template Configuration (Administration » Reports » Template Configuration) or by assigning different Word Templates to the different companies.

However, as longer time GP users are aware, the Word Templates were introduced in Dynamics GP 2010; before that all reports were produced using the modified reports created in Report Writer where it wasn’t really possible to have different logos.

That is, it wasn’t possible to have different logos in the same place. Way back in 2008 David Musgrave (while a Microsoftie) did a post on the Developing for Dynamics GP blog on how to have a conditional logo on the modified report by using a conditional field to show or hide logos.

It’s not really a solution that can be called elegant (hey it involves Report Writer!), but it was most certainly a useful one. So until this client gets their upgrade performed (hopefully first quarter 2015) I need to get their modified reports customised to hide the logo for their main company when producing documents and the exact steps had faded from memory somewhat.

So I needed to hunt out the old post I remembered David writing (I also remember using it back in 2008) and it actually took a little finding (found it through a question on the Community Forum).

Support Debugging Tool Build 17 hotfix released

Microsoft Dynamics GPHe somehow slipped it out without me noticing, but David Musgrave of the Developing for Dynamics GP blog released Support Debugging Tool Build 17 before Christmas; this is the build which added support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

He was back yesterday with a hotfix release to fix a couple of issues.

Partners can download SDT from PartnerSource (login required); if you’re a customer you’ll need to contact your partner to obtain it for you.

David has links to SDT for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 and 2010 here.

How To Rebuild GL00105 Using PSTL

Microsoft Dynamics GPA while ago I posted a script that could be used to fix a corrupt Account Index Master (GL00105). However, the Toolkit within the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) can be used to do the same thing without resorting to a custom script.

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How To Copy Shortcuts Using PSTL

Microsoft Dynamics GPAfter installing the Professional Services Tools Library earlier this week, I’m doing a series of posts on the different functions available, for free, within.

This post covers the Copy Shortcuts options. This function allows shortcuts to be copied from on user to another.

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How To Disable A Database Using PSTL

Microsoft Dynamics GPNow that the Professional Service Tools Library (PSTL) has been installed it’s time to take a look at some of the functionality available.

The first one I’ll look at is how to disable a database so users cannot log in. Without using PSTL, to deactivate a database requires you to use the User Access window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Tools » Setup » Administration » User Access) and select each user in turn and uncheck the company to be disabled. If you have more than a handful of users, this can take a long time to do but with PSTL all users can be disabled very quickly.

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How To Install Professional Services Tools Library

Microsoft Dynamics GPAs I mentioned in the last post, Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Blog announced that the Professional Services Tools Library had been made free of charge and can be downloaded from here (PartnerSoruce login required; Customers will need to contact their partner). The free PSTL is only available for supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP so if you are not using 10 or 2010 you will need to upgrade.

I thought it might be useful to do a short series of posts highlighting some of the PSTL tools and what you can do with them, so to start with I thought a post on how to install the module.

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Update Debtor Addresses From CSV To Work Around An Integration Manager Bug

Microsoft Dynamics GPEarlier this week I posted about a bug in Integration Manager where it added extra zeros into the phone and fax number fields when importing creditors. Well, the same bug also affects debtors but a similar script to update debtors via a CSV is also possible.

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