Installing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 – Insufficient Privileges To Modify The VBA Project Error

Microsoft Dynamics GPI upgraded a clients test system from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 SP3 to 2010 R2 successfully on the main system such as installing the main client and upgrading the system and company databases.

The client has a few modified reports on the system which needed to be brought across to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. These reports were exported from Customisation Maintenance (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Tools » Customise » Customisation Maintenance);

Customisation Maintenance

One of the reports includes VBA so my first thought was that this problem would need the VBA fix but then I realised the VBA was not used in the check remittance but in the Computer Checks Posting Journal.

That particular problem dodged, I attempted to load the modified reports into the new GP 2010 R2 system. However, I received the following error message;

You do not have sufficient privileges on this system to modify the VBA project

Hit OK and received this follow up message;

VBA cannot be initialised. Cannot import this package because it contains VBA components

My first thought was to wonder if another user had run GP on the same server and locked the VAB and modified reports files before realise that was a silly thought; the machine I was working on was a brand new server which no users had access to.

Then I realised what the issue was bound to be; I’ve been using computers for a long time and am still trying to adjust to Windows UAC (User Account Control). This adjustment is taking me longer than I’d like but I think it’s down to using a variety of systems, from XP to Server 2003 and through Vista and Server 2008 to 7 and Server 2008 R2, with different settings; even thought UAC is part of Server 2008 and 2008 R2, and their related client versions, UAC is not enabled on all of the machines I use.

The solution, however, is quite simple;

Run as Administrator

Once I started GP using Run as Administrator, I was able to load the modified reports in without any further problems.

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