How To Install Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 – Client

Microsoft Dynamics GPHaving installed Microsoft SQL Server 2012 into a test environment and created the ODBC for connecting GP to SQL Server the next step is to install the Microsoft Dynamics GP client.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 9 was the last version which had a separate Server and Client installation; all versions since then have had only a single setup utility for both server and client.

When the setup utility (setup.exe) from the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation media is run, the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Bootstrapper Setup will run to install the prerequisites;

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Bootstrapper Setup

Typically when I am installing a client, I run the Mem>Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Bootstrapper Setup to install all of the prerequisites before I create the ODBC, which I prefer to do manually, to ensure the correct version of the SQL Server Native Client is installed.

Once the prerequisites have been installed the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 setup utility itself will run. In the Install section, select Microsoft Dynamics GP to continue;

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Select the Country/Region required for the client installation (this will default to the Regional settings of the client operating system);

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - Country/Region Selection

Accept the license agreement;

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - License Agreement

The basic modules of Microsoft Dynamics GP such as General Ledger, Payables Management, Purchase Order Processing, and so on will install by default but there is a list of additional features which can be chosen during installation. Some of them such as A4, Date Effective Tax Rates and Fixed Asset Management can be used with no additional cost or license requirement but others such as Bank Management or SmartList Builder need a license key to be purchased.

If you’re in the UK, or other country who uses the A4 standard paper size, then select the A4 module to have all of the standard Modified Reports available in A$, rather than Letter, format;

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - Select Features

If you do not already have a data source for connecting the Microsoft Dynamics GP client to the SQL Server, GP can create this for you if you enter the SQL Server Name or, like I have, check the box for Do not create data source;

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - SQL Server

Confirm the installation should proceed and then wait a few minutes while the client is installed;

Once installation is complete this will be confirmed;

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - Installation Complete

In the next post, I’ll do a step through the server element of installing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

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