Not Privileged To Run this Report Error in Payables Select Checks

Microsoft Dynamics GPI upgraded a customer to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 a couple of weeks ago and they have started to explore some of the new features. After fixing their payment run problem they enabled the new functionality for emailing remittances.

When they next used the Select Cheques window all went well until they tried to print the prelist they got the following error;

Not privileged to run this report

When I connected to their system and ran the process myself, the first report (the Computer Checks Edit List) printed correctly but the second report (the Send Remittance Preview Report) caused the problem.

Looking into the issue showed that the error was caused by this report’s security operation not being assigned to a role assigned to the user. However, a little more digging showed that allnew operations in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 were all unassigned. Fixing the problem is a simple matter of assigned the security task to the role, RPT_PURCH_003* – Payables Management check information, it is assigned to on a fresh installation of Dynamics GP;

Security Operation: RPT_PURCH_003* - Payables Management check information

Admittedly this is a small sample size, which I’ll double in the next week or so, but it appears that when upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 to 2010 new security operations are not automatically assigned by the system. I’d rather avoid this problem at other sites so it looks like a SQL script to update the Security Operation assignment to tasks is required.

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2 thoughts on “Not Privileged To Run this Report Error in Payables Select Checks

  1. Hi Ian

    You can use the Support Debugging Tool to identify Tasks and Roles needed for access to specific resources and objects in Dynamics GP with the Security Information window.

    Have a look at the Support Debugging Tool portal for more info:


    1. Ian Grieve says:

      Hi David,

      I acutally owe you both an apology and thanks.

      The apology is for not mentioning in the post that I did use the Support Debugging Tool (especially after making a couple of posts about your updates to it) to identify the exact report the user did not have the required access for and the thanks is for making the point in my stead.

      I’d recommend the Support Debugging Tool to anyone investigating this sort of probem.


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