Feature Explained: Allow Account Entry

Microsoft Dynamics GPAgain this is not a new feature but, in my experience, is one that is not commonly used. One of the options available on the Account Maintenance window (Cards » Financial » Account) is Allow Account Entry. Unchecked, account codes can only be defaulted in by the system but when checked this option allows users to select the account anywhere in the system.

This is not always appropriate; if we pick the Account Receivable code as an example, why would you want users to be able to decide where and when this code is used? In the following example, we have disabled Allow Account Entry on the Accounts Receivable code;

Account Maintenance - Allow Account Entry

To demonstrate this we can estart to enter a General Journal (Transactions » Financial » General);

Journal Entry

Once the Accounts Receivable code is entered and we try to tab off the field the following error message is displayed;

Account 000-1200-00 does not allow account entry

After clicking OK the Account field is blanked out and a different account code must be selected.

The account code which does not allow account entry cannot be used manually by users but can still be defaulted in by the system as seen in this screenshot of a Receivables Transaction (Transactions » Sales » Transaction Entry);

Budget Selection

By only allowing codes to be defaulted in by the system you can minimise mispostings and later reconciliation issues; in a system which is correctly setup there should be no need for manual postings to any control account. So as well as unchecking Allow Account Entry on the Accounts Receivable, it is also recommended practice to uncheck it on Accounts Payable, Cash, Inventory, Fixed Assets and so on.

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