Remove Extra Toolbar Spacing from Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi BrowserI’m a big fan of Vivaldi browser, but they keep doing things in updates which really annoy me. The common ones are adding lots of extra bookmarks or adding extra entries to the side panel, but there have been others like changing how the themes show active tabs or ,a href=’’>changing how new bookmarks are handled.

The most recent one I’ve encountered after applying an update only affected a couple of machines (although every profile on those machines) was lots of extra space either side of the address bar. You can remove the extra space by right clicking on the buttons to one side of the address bar and selecting Edit » Customize Toolbar:

Edit toolbar

The problem elements are highlighted with yellow boxes in the below screenshot; these are flexible spaces which add spaces in those positions which change as the window is resized:

Toolbar editor

These can be removed by right clicking on them and selecting Remove from toolbar.

Close the toolbar editor and the window will display correctly without the excess spacing:

Vivaldi browser window

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3 thoughts on “Remove Extra Toolbar Spacing from Vivaldi Browser

  1. john says:


    Not a critique at all, but I cannot seem to replicate this. I am doing something wrong, and can’t get an answer from vivaldi?

    What should I be removing?


    1. Ian Grieve says:

      Hi John, it is the items I surrounded with yellow squares.

      1. John says:

        Hi and thanks for the reply,

        It must be a bug on the linux version, tried and tried and just cannot for the life of me work out how to replicate and customize it as per your instructions. Have now contacted vivaldi support.

        Thanks again,

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