Excel Snippets: AND/OR Operators

Microsoft ExcelI might not post many Excel snippets, but I’m collecting them into a small Excel Snippets series to make them easy to find.

I’ve been doing work with quite a few clients with Jet Reports recently and one of the common requirements it to hide a row when values are blank. While the clients I am working with are experienced with Excel, they often are very good with VLOOKUP and other functions, but not so much with AND/OR operators.

This can be done using an IF statement combined with an AND operator. In Excel the and statement format is different to programming/scripting languages.

The below is an example AND checking the value in cell A2 and B2 and returning true if they are both 1 otherwise returning false:


Just for completeness, the below is an example OR checking the value in cell A2 and B2 and returning true if they either cell is 1 otherwise returning false:


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