SQL View to Return Sales Invoice Lines

Microsoft Dynamics GPI've been organising a demo of software which can be used to produce documentation using data from Microsoft Dynamics GP and integrate it with data from other systems or network shares. I thought about a few ways of getting the Dynamics GP data and decided that a custom SQL view returning only the required information was the best way to go.

This view returns sales invoice lines and related fields such as the sales user defined.

-- drop view if it exists
IF OBJECT_ID(N'uv_AZRCRV_SalesInvoiceLines', N'V') IS NOT NULL
	DROP VIEW uv_AZRCRV_SalesInvoiceLines
-- create view
CREATE VIEW [dbo].[uv_AZRCRV_SalesInvoiceLines] AS
Created by Ian Grieve of azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant (http://www.azurecurve.co.uk) This code is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Int). */
SELECT RTRIM(['Sales Transaction Work'].SOPNUMBE) AS 'Invoice Number' ,['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].LNITMSEQ AS 'Line Number' ,RTRIM(ISNULL(['Sales Customer Item Cross Reference'].CUSTITEMNMBR, ['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].ITEMNMBR)) AS 'Item Number' ,RTRIM(ISNULL(['Sales Customer Item Cross Reference'].CUSTITEMDESC, ['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].ITEMDESC)) AS 'Item Description' ,RTRIM(['Item Master'].TCC) AS 'Tax Commodity Code' ,'UK' AS 'Country of Origin' ,RTRIM(['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].UOFM) AS 'Unit of Measure' ,['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].QUANTITY AS 'Quantity' ,CONVERT(DECIMAL(10,2),['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].ORUNTPRC) AS 'Originating Unit Price' ,CONVERT(DECIMAL(10,2),['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].OREXTCST) AS 'Originating Extended Price' ,RTRIM(['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].LOCNCODE) AS 'Site' FROM SOP10100 AS ['Sales Transaction Work'] -- Sales Transaction Work (SOP10100) INNER JOIN SOP10200 AS ['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'] -- Sales Transaction Amounts Work (SOP10200) ON ['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].SOPTYPE = ['Sales Transaction Work'].SOPTYPE AND ['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].SOPNUMBE = ['Sales Transaction Work'].SOPNUMBE INNER JOIN IV00101 AS ['Item Master'] -- Item Master (IV00101) ON ['Item Master'].ITEMNMBR = ['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].ITEMNMBR LEFT JOIN SOP60300 AS ['Sales Customer Item Cross Reference'] -- Sales Customer Item Cross Reference (SOP60300) ON ['Sales Customer Item Cross Reference'].ITEMNMBR = ['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].ITEMNMBR AND ['Sales Customer Item Cross Reference'].CUSTNMBR = ['Sales Transaction Work'].CUSTNMBR WHERE ['Sales Transaction Amounts Work'].SOPTYPE = 3 GO GRANT SELECT ON uv_AZRCRV_SalesInvoiceLines TO DYNGRP GO


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