ClassicPress Plugin Development: Structure of a Plugin

ClassicPress PluginsThis post is part of the ClassicPress Plugin Development series in which I am going to look at both best practice for developing plugins and how I approach some requirements as well as some of the functions I commonly use.

Before you start developing a plugin, I’d recommend deciding on the plugin structure you want to use. At the simplest level, a plugin only actually requires the file which holds enough code for the plugin and the folder it sits within, but in reality you will have other files which are needed as well, such as style sheets, language files, images and so on.

Planning a structure for the plugin will ensure your plugin files are well organised which will make it easier to work with both now and again in future.

John Alarcon of Code Potent, did a blog post on this subject a while ago. I use a structure fairly similar to the one he described, and have used the same format for showing the structure I use.

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