Features of Enhanced Notes from ISC Software: Series Index

GP Elementz Enhanced NotesThis post is part of the Features of Enhanced Notes from ISC Software, as well as part of the over-arching GP Elementz from ISC Software series.

Over the course of this series, the index, below, will automatically update with the new posts as they go live (unless you’re reading a syndicated version of this post in which case check back here).

Features of Enhanced Notes from ISC Software
Introduction to Enhanced Notes
Introduction to Enhanced Notes [Video]
Individual notes
Individual notes [Video]
Categories/Subcategories [Video]
Assign tasks
Assign tasks [Video]
Available for reporting
Available for reporting [Video]
Free Trial
Free Trial [Video]

Looking for support or consultancy with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

I no longer work with Microsoft Dynamics GP, but the last company I worked for was ISC Software in the UK; if you’re looking for support or consultancy services with Microsoft Dynamics GP you can contact them here.

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