Internationalizing a ClassicPress plugin: Localizing a string

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Over the previous posts I’ve discussed adding text domains and which functions are available to use, it’s time to look at a practical application.

To return a translated string we’d use the esc_html__ function with the string which can be localized as the first parameter and the text domain as the second:

$str = esc_html__('This is the string to translate', 'plugin-text-domain');

If we wanted to echo the translated string rather than return it, we’d use the esc_html_e function:

esc_html_e('This is the string to translate', 'plugin-text-domain');

Translating a ClassicPress plugin

Internationalizing a ClassicPress plugin
How does internationalization work?
What is a Text Domain and how is it specified?
Localization functions
Which localization functions to use?
Localizing a string
Don't paramaterize your text domain
Localizing a string containing a parameter
Localizing a string including plurals
Localizing a string including notes for the translator
Don't include HTML markup in localization
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MDGP “October 2019” Release Feature of the Day: User Security Workflow

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog has started a series Feature of the Day posts for Microsoft Dynamics GP “October 2019” Release on which I am following and adding commentary. The index for this series of posts is .

The second Feature of the Day is another new User Security Workflow to complement the one covered in the previous post of this series.

In User Security, you can make changes to the access for a user, what security role they are assigned or what modified reports they can access. With User Security Approval workflow, you can require that these changes be submitted for review and approval. This workflow is available in Workflow Maintenance (Administration area page » Setup » Company » Workflow » Workflow Maintenance):

Workflow Maintenance window showing User Security approval workflow

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