Implementing SalesHQ Portal: Install Connector Service

SalesHQ PortalThis post is part of a series on Implementing SalesHQ Portal, which is one of the GP Elementz Portals from my new employer, ISC Software Solutions.

With the installers downloaded, the first one we’re going to install is the Connector Service. Do this by launching the the MSI installer using a Domain account which has permissions on SQL Server to create a database and tables, and, on the Welcome to the Elementz CustomerHQ – Connector Service Setup Wizard (as mentioned in a previous post, SalesHQ and CustomerHQ share a code base, with the license key differentiating which level of functionality is available, so this is the correct installer), click Next:

Welcome to Elementz CustomerHQ

Accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next:

End-User License Agreement

Verify the location of the installation and click Next:

Destination Folder

Enter the SQL server instance hosting the configuration database and the Configuration database name:

Configuration Database

The details for the SQL server instance can either be the same as your Dynamics GP databases or a different server; the database name can be a new database (in which case it will be created for you) or they can be added to the Dynamics GP system database (typically called DYNAMICS).

If a new database is being created, a prompt will be displayed stating the new database will be created; click OK:

Prompt about new database

Elementz CustomerHQ - Connector Service Setup

The configuration database Elementz Portals will be created

Enter the Connector Service Address; the section after the port should be as shown in the screenshot below.

Select the SSL certificate and click Next:

Connector Service Address screen

Enter the Service account domain, Service account user name and Service account password for the Connector Service Account and click Next:

Connector Service Account details

The Azure Configuration information will have been supplied to you on an email from ISC Software; transfer the Azure name space, Azure relay name and ,em>Azure access key from the email to the screen and click Next:

Azure Configuration information

Click Install to begin the installation:

Ready to Install Elementz CustomerHQ

Pnce the installation is completed, click Finish:

Installation completed

With the Connector Service installed, there are two additional steps to cover before installing the Dynamics GP client component. I’ll cover these over the next two posts in this series.

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