Workflow 2.0 Requires Display Names for AD Groups Used as Approver

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP supports the use of both Active Directory Groups and Users as approvers, but there is a minor catch in the creation of groups which it is easy to stumble over. If you create the group as usual via the Active Directory Users and Computers applet you set a Group name and Group name (pre-Windows 2000):

Active Directory Users and Computers - New Object Group

However, if you try to perform a lookup in the Workflow User Selection to select an approver, you will get a result of No results found:

Workflow User Selection

The reason for this, is that the AD Group needs to have a Display name set and this is not available via the New Object Group or the Properties window.

Instead, you need to enable the Advanced Features in the Active Directory Users and Computers window by clicking on the View menu and then clicking Advanced Features:

Active Directory Users and Computers - View - Advanced Features

Right click on the Group which needs a Display Name and click Properties:

Active Directory Users and Computers - Group Properties

Click the Attribute Editor tab and then select the displayName attribute and click Edit:

Group Properties

Enter the display name in the Value field and click OK:

String Attribute Editor

Click OK to save the change:

Group Properties

Now when you do a lookup for the group in Workflow User Selection the group being searched for is correctly returned:

Workflow User Selection

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