eConnect Incoming Service Won’t Start

Microsoft Dynamics GPeConnect is both a very useful tool for integrating data into Microsoft Dynamics GP, and also hugely frustrating. I assisted a client in creating a new test system recently and had some problems with eConnect. I installed it as normal, but the service didn’t start; when I tried to start the service manually, it started and immediately stopped without showing an error message.

I checked in the Windows Event Viewer for any errors and, again, there were none.

I’ve previously had issues with the eConnect service not starting and I figured it was worth a try.

The post linked above, has step by step screenshots, but the gist of what I tried is as follows:

  1. Make the eConnect service account an admin in Local Users and Groups.
  2. Start the service and note that it started correctly and continued to run.
  3. Stop the service
  4. Remove the eConnect Service from the Admins group.
  5. Start the service and again note that it started and continued to run.

The service has continued to run correctly since then.