AD Group Names Have Maximum Lengths If Used in Workflow 2.0

Microsoft Dynamics GPI am working with a few different clients on projects to implement Workflow 2.0 and came across an issue with one of them when selecting an AD Group as an approver. I was able to reproduce the issue on my demo machine so knew it was not a client environment specific issue.

When the lookup was performed on the group name, the group was returned, but the login name was truncated:

Workflow User Selection

Clicking Add, did add the group to the list and we could click OK:

However, the Assign to field remained blank:

Workflow Maintenance

We did not have this problem on all AD Groups, only some of them; and the some of them which were problematic, were the ones with long names. The Group name (pre-Windows 2000) for groups in AD is quite long, but is restricted to 21 characters or less when being used as an approver in Workflow:

Group Properties

With the Group name (pre-Windows 2000) suitably shortened we again tried the Workflow User Selection lookup and saw that the whole name was displayed:

Workflow User Selection

We were able to click OK:

Workflow User Selection

And the assigned group was returned to the Assign to field:

Workflow Maintenance

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