Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R1: Install The OData Service

Microsoft Dynamics GPOne of the new features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R1 was an OData service which provides a new way to report off Microsoft Dynamics GP. Before OData can be used, the service ust be installed from the Dynamics GP installation media.

Load the setup utility from the installation media and, under Additional Products, click on :

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 setup utility

Accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next:

OData Service for Microsoft Dynamics GP: License Agreement

The SQL Connection Information needs to be entered. Make sure the Server Name is the name of the SQL Server Instance (for example I have an instance called GP on the server 2016R1-SQL so have entered 2016R1-SQL\GPM) and that the Dynamics GP System Database name is correct; by default this is DYNAMICS, but I have a renamed one.

Select the authentication method; if you select SQL AuthenticationM then enter the Login ID and Password. If you select Windows Authentication make sure your AD user has access to the SQL Server.

Click Next to proceed:

OData Service for Microsoft Dynamics GP: SQL Connection Information

The OData Service needs to be configured with a few options.

When I installed it for this series of posts, I missed the fact it was installed on port 443; this is typically the port used for an https website so it may be best to change the port to an alternative.

An SSL certificate is required and this will need to be pre-installed on the server; on my demo system I am using a self-signed certificate.

Enter the Domain, User Name and Password of the account which will run the service and then click Next:

OData Service for Microsoft Dynamics GP: OData Service

To begin the install, click the Install button:

OData Service for Microsoft Dynamics GP: Ready to Install

Once the install is complete, click the Exit button to close the installer:

OData Service for Microsoft Dynamics GP: Installation Complete

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