Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R1: Install the Web Client Runtime

Microsoft Dynamics GPTypically for a production environment, an installation of the web client would be done as a scale-out deployment whereby the different components are installed on different servers.

As I am working on a small number of servers in my demo environment (a Domain Controller, a SQL Server and a Web Client Server) I will be doing a single-machine deployment with the sessions central and session host services on a single machine.

To do this I have the Microsoft Dynamics GP desktop client installed on the Web Client: this is the only machine with a client installed.

To do this, I need to add the Web Client Runtime feature to the installation of the desktop client. To do this open the Programs and Features applet in Control Panel, select Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and click the Change button:.

Programs and Features

In the Program Maintenance window, click on Add/Remove Features

Program Maintenance

Scroll down the list of features and set Web Client Runtime to be installed and then click Next:

Select Features

To being the installation of the feature, click on Install:

Install Program

Once the install is finished, click Exit and then start Dynamics GP and run through GP Utilities.

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