How To Install Management Reporter 2012 – Server Prerequisites

Microsoft Dynamics GPWith the release of Management Reporter 2012 I thought it might be worth doing a series of posts on how to install this version.

The server configuration I am using is four separate servers, all running Windows Server 2008 R2, but could easily be installed on one machine, or virtual machine, for use as a test system;

  • Domain Controller (DC1) running the
  • SQL Server (SQL1)
  • Reporting Server (RPT1)
  • Terminal Server (TS1)

All of the installation of Management Reporter server, and the server prerequisites, will be done logged into the Reporting Server (RPT1); the client and initial configuration will be done on the Terminal Server (TS1).

The prerequisites for MR 2012 are very similar to those of Management Reporter 2 which were covered hereThe prerequisites of Management Reporter 2012 differ from Management Reporter 2 in that only the .NET Framework 4 is common between the two versions. The addition that MR 2012 requires is the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable to be installed.

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