Mark Polino’s Weekly MS Connect Recommendation – Debits Before Credits!

Microsoft Dynamics GPMark Polino on recently started a series of weekly posts recommending an MS Connect suggestion.

This weeks is a vote on reordering the debit and credit columns in SmartLists so they match the ordering in the rest of the system.

If you’d be interested in seeing this change made, please go to Connect and vote.

Mark also follows up with a Microsoft Dynamics Community column discussing how ISVs can benefit from following the voting patterns on MS Connect.

How To Rebuild GL00105 Using PSTL

Microsoft Dynamics GPA while ago I posted a script that could be used to fix a corrupt Account Index Master (GL00105). However, the Toolkit within the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) can be used to do the same thing without resorting to a custom script.

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Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Rollup 1 Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’m slightly late in posting this one but I figure it might still be a useful post to make.

On 30th April 2012 Microsoft released Rollup 1 for Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP which includes an updated Migration Wizard [PDF] which was missing from Management Reporter 2012 until now.

Rollup 1 can be downloaded here (PartnerSource or CustomerSource login required).

Apology for Lack of Updates

azurecurveJust a quick update to apologise for the lack of updates.

I’m currently stressing out about a house purchase I’m trying to get through as soon as possible (with concerns I may actually lose the house if it doesn’t exchange soon). For the regular readers out there (I assume there are some) I moved back to the NE in September last year to start a new job as consultant with Perfect Image, specialising in Microsoft Dynamics GP and sidelining in Dynamics CRM, and this is the final step for me to complete the move.

Once the purchase completes and I can stop stressing I’ll get back to posting; I have a backlog of posts not just related to the recently started series of posts on PSTL but also other areas of the system and related products.

Of course, once it does complete I’ll be project managing a renovation which will probably also cause me to stress out but I doubt as much as the purchase is (Bloody Hell I hope not anyway).

Hopefully back soon with some useful posts.

Mark Polino Steps Forward To Promote MS Connect

Microsoft Dynamics GPIt’s very likely that you’ve never heard of Microsoft Connect; Connect is used by the Dynamics teams to decide what to put in future releases and users have the opportunity to add suggestions and vote on existing items.

Mark has a post on where he proposes doing a weekly post to promote an existing suggestion for improvement of Microsoft Dynamics GP on Connect for people to vote for, or against, inclusion in a future version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. His posts on this subject will be a weekly feature where he highlights a different suggestion each week for the community to review and decide if it would be a worthwhile addition.

This weeks post relates to a change to allow Unit Accounts to be zeroed during the year end process in the GL. Please take the time to review this suggestion and vote for, or against, and help to improve and guide the future development Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Connect has been around for a while but it woefully unused, I’m as guilty as anyone atnot using it much, but it is a way for both partners and customers to have a hand in guiding the development of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Please join in and follow Mark’s posts on this subject, every Tuesday, on